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Nursing is an intellectually-stimulating field. You will have the opportunity to learn something every time that you go in the classroom. If you are looking for a way to change your life for the better, then you may want to consider going to nursing school. There are many ways that you can benefit from going to nursing school.

Below is an introduction to all you will need in order to successfully start and complete nursing school.

Where to Begin?

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Our nursing programs allows you to graduate with a diploma or an Associates Degree. Learn about program requirements and duration.

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Have questions about tuition? Find helpful answers in FAQ section of our “Tuition” page, or contact Admissions if your questions were not answered.

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Learn more about South Florida Medical College from the staff and students that help us to impact and change lives.

Ready to Begin?
School Campus
  • Free parking is provided.
  • SFMC Campus is equipped with a positive environment conducive for learning.
  • Students can call the Admission Office and schedule an appointment for a tour.
Online Library

In support of all courses offered at South Florida Medical College, each student will have access to an online library offering a variety of resource books and publications. These resources are made available to both student and faculty.


Skills Laboratory


The skills laboratory is equipped with the appropriate items needed for each of the courses taught including mannequins and all necessary apparatus for student practice.

To Prepare You for Nursing School…

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