You’ve Passed Your RN Exam, Now What?

 The day you’ve longed for for all those years is finally here. It is the day you can finally put those all important letters, RN, behind your name. But, what exactly do you do now that you’ve passed your licensing exam? Learn more…

If you are scratching your head trying to figure this all out, relax. We’ve got a few useful pointers to help guide you through this time as you transition from being a student into a full fledged nursing professional.

Take Some Time Off

If you are like most newly graduated nurses, that’s probably last thing on your mind.
Even though it may seem counterintuitive, this may be the last time you will get this kind of a down time for awhile.

Take this time to do all those things you have been putting off because you have been so busy. Also, don’t forget to spend time with your family and friends.

Remember even though you’re a nurse, you have to be sure to take care of yourself, too! Plus, you never know when you’ll get this kind of opportunity again.

Start Networking
After you have taken a little time out for yourself, the next thing you’ll want to do is network. Networking is key in most careers and nursing is no exception.

As a nursing student, you already have a network of classmates, professors, and contacts at your clinicals. The critical thing here is you can’t just allow those relationships to come to an end even though you are no longer in school.

Make sure that people remember your face. A good way to do this is to stay involved with your school’s alumni/ae organizations. Not only will you have a chance to mentor new students, you’ll also have yet another thing to add to your resume!

Work on Your Resume

You have likely been exposed to a variety of nursing fields. This may have been through your clinicals or through career presentations at your school. In other words, you probably have an idea of what nursing field you would like to work in. Knowing this will help you tailor your resume.

If you still aren’t completely sure, don’t worry. Volunteering is a good way to help you discover this. Not to mention that these activities will look great on your resume once you’ve figured out what you’re interested in.

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