Academic Programs


Program Title Required Hours Credential
Licensed Practical Nursing 1350 clock hours Diploma
Nursing (Two Year Track)   93 credit hours Associate Degree
Advanced Placement in Nursing (Bridge)  93 credit hours Associate Degree

The nursing profession holds room for those who aspire to transition from their License Practical Nurse (LPN) to a greater accomplishment of becoming a Register Nurse (RN). For this reason, contact us today and apply with a friend. This friend will be your study partner throughout the nursing program. Perhaps, you are a working mom, who desires nothing but to become a RN. Allow South Florida Medical College years of NCLEX preparation to guide you through our nursing program.

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  • Associate Degree in Nursing (A.S.) – 24 Months
  • Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) – 12 Months
  • Advanced Placement Associate Degree in Nursing  – 12-18 Months