President’s Welcome

Welcome to South Florida Medical College School of Nursing

My name is Diana Cowan, founder and Chief Executive Officer at South Florida Medical College School of Nursing.

It is with much heartfelt pride that I welcome you to South Florida Medical College School of Nursing. This is a place for growth, innovation, self-discovery and embracing new knowledge. The college builds on the mission of Interactive NCLEX Tutoring, our sister company, who for six years produced an exemplary class of students. Year over year they achieved an impressive 90% pass rate, for state board exams. We celebrate the enormous progress and success.

And Now?

South Florida Medical College will continue in the same vein; producing competent professionals making their mark wherever they go. Our goal is that: Each student is known for their above-par conduct, wealth of knowledge and for professionalism displayed in the care they provide. Take advantage of all that is offered. We are an institution that provides a vibrant, dynamic environment where students can study, explore, and interact with a diverse student population. And it is in this environment that one can truly meet and exceed their goals to excel as a professional. As you take this journey, be assured that our staff, faculty, and administration will remain accessible, and are dedicated to guiding you steadily through your program choices. Let us all learn together. Let us all work hard. Be generative at all times. And, always, focus on a solution – never the problem. In the end, each one of you will have experienced a rich and fulfilling culture that broadened your intellectual horizons.

The first requisite for success is to develop the ability to focus and apply your mental and physical energies to the problem at hand without growing weary.

- Thomas Edison

At Your Service,
Diana Cowan
Chief Executive Officer

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