Academic Vision

Academic Path to Success

Which character defines academic excellence?

South Florida Medical College School (SFMC) of Nursing strives to be ranked for providing academic excellence in the community. In meeting this goal, we have recruited the right staff and faculty members that will assist in the training necessary for the community.

South Florida Medical College aspires for unprecedented support through federal and local organization. This support will allow us to recruit, train and retain staff and faculty members who can assist in increasing academic excellence.

Our graduates will be recognize for the holistic structured curriculum that allow students to be equipped with the skills, talent, education and professionalism necessary for safe and caring practice.

Last but not least, as we move forward to the next era South Florida Medical College hopes to gain academic excellence through a curriculum that incorporates research and robotic technology.

We are committed, to creating better thinkers for this and the next generation to come.


South Florida Medical College

Preparing for the Future.

How To Apply

Have you completed the Practical Nursing (PN) Program, or perhaps you are looking for a generic nursing program. Whichever category fits your needs best, it is a great time to start nursing school. Complete the Associate Degree Program with SFMC and get closer to becoming a Registered Nurses (RN). Call 305-625-2112 and make an appointment to meet with an Admission staff member and complete the first step towards starting nursing school.


Students who aspire for a place in the nursing profession should not wait. If you wait to make the decision to start, you can miss out on a great opportunity. The opportunity to start nursing school comes with two rewards. First, calling 305-625-2112 and meeting with an Admission staff member will give you a better opportunity of securing a seat in our next nursing class and second you will not miss out on the deadline to start your future career. Call us now and find out if you are just in time for the new student application.

Plan A Visit

South Florida Medical College staff, faculty and students would love to meet you. Call 305-625-2112 and make an opportunity to visit our campus.

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